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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gamelan orchestra

Gamelan is one of the nation's cultural assets are derived from original Yogyakarta, Indonesia. gamelan has a very strong character, supported by the distinctive and shared penainnya sinden-sinden. This orchestra has a pentatonic scales in the system scale and slendro slendro-scale systems. Sultan Palace has about 18-19 sets of heirloom gamelan ensemble, of which 16 are used while the rest (KK and KK Bremara Flag) in poor condition. Each gamelan has a proper name of honor as a sacred heritage. Three pieces of gamelan comes from the days before Giyanti Agreement and the remainder from the fifteen days of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Three monggang  gamelan is called KK Guntur Sea, crawling gamelan kodhok named KK Maeso algae, and gamelan Sekati named KK Guntur Madu. All three are sacred gamelan  and just played / sounded on certain events.


Sea of ​​Thunder KK monggang Gamelan said to have originated from the Majapahit.............

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bering Harjo Market

icon Beringharjo market is the most traditional markets anemo visitors. from domestic and abroad. a very strategic location not far from the center of the palace. BeringHarjo market is one of the economic center of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta in his day.



 Located on the eastern side of the road Jend. A Yani, Bering Harjo,...............

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pathok Negoro

Negoro  Pathok Mosque  which amounts to four areas of the capital became a boundary marker . Location of this mosque is located in the Yellow Ploso (northern boundary), Mlangi (west boundary), Kauman Dongkelan (southern boundary), and Babadan (eastern boundary). 


Establishment of this mosque also has a purpose as............

Taman Sari

Swimming Baths Binangun Bannerman, Taman Sari, the Sultan's Palace
Taman Sari complex is a relic Sultan HB I. Taman Sari (Fragrant Garden) means beautiful garden, which in ancient times a place of recreation for the sultan and their courtiers. In this complex there is a place that is still considered sacred in Taman Sari, the Pasareyan Ledoksari contest and a private place where the Sultan. 



Interesting building is in the form of wells Gumuling two-story building..........

Monument golong gilig

Monument or memorial pal golong gilig white (white pole) is a marker of the northern boundary of the old city of Yogyakarta. This building was originally shaped like a round stick (gilig) with a ball (golong) above. 

the form of the monument before the quake 

The building is reminiscent of the Washington Monument in Washington DC.............
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